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SmileO2 Fresh Air Machine is a cleanroom technology for oxygenation, adding fresh air that can be installed in bedrooms, living rooms, meeting rooms, offices, factories, or various closed areas. The system will fill the air from the outside through the air filtration system directly into the room through 6-step filtration system, and take the internal air pollution out into various channels, causing the room to be fresh air at all times. Moreover, it could help remove dust, germs, unwanted odors, allergens, and reduce respiratory distress, sleep uncomfortable, snoring, fatigue.




6-Step filtration system 

With the 6-Step filtration system you can be assured that you’ll get a truly clear, clean and fresh air.

  1. Coarse filter: Grill filter that screen dust and insect
  2. Pre Filter: Filter out most of the coarse, perceivable dust.
  3. Medium Filter: Screening even the smallest dust with extreme effective
  4. Activated Carbon Filter: High quality extrude-activated carbon filter that screen any unwanted odor and gas
  5. HEPA Filter H14: Capable of screening 99.99 percents of dust and pathogens, such as dust, bacterium and virus which cause allergy, cold and many other illnesses.
  6. Ultraviolet light bulb: The ultimate filter that kill any pathogens that cause respiratory diseases


What Can Be Gained from The Smile02 Fresh Air Machine

In the process, the main function of the fresh air filling system can be divided into 3 main steps: air addition, air filtration, and pushing air pollution out.

  1. Air filtration process due to air filtration through the 6-step filtration system, causing the air added to the system is fresh air, without dust, germs, bacteria, allergens and unwanted odors, making those in the room healthy, reducing illness.
  2. The air addition process will increase the amount of oxygen in the air in the rooms, allowing the body to get enough oxygen for the brain's needs, making you feel fresh, in the case of a bedroom, it would make you sleep comfortably, reduce snoring, breath, or in the case of an office room that there are many people, it would help everyone to get sufficient oxygen, not easily feeling drowsy or exhausted.
  3. The process of pushing air pollution out causes the room having fresh air addition constantly, causing the original air inside the room to be pushed out by small channels and cannot flow back into the room in order to prevent dust, germs, bacteria from the outside.



SmileO2 in Each Customer Group


Residential customers can install it in bedrooms, living rooms to add freshness to the air for people around you and yourself, prevent dust, allergens and various germs, odors, odors or even solve the problem with air smell. In the case of the bedroom, it will make you a deep sleep, breathe easily, reduce snoring, and wake up with freshness.


Office / Factory

Office and factory customers can solve the problem of unpleasant odors, chemicals, reduce dust from various machines’ processes in the factory, and also increase the amount of oxygen in the areas where people work intensively. In addition, it helps the employees to have good health, good air, good environment which will result in good work.


Public health facilities

Hospital/public health facility customers for laboratories, sterile rooms, operating rooms that require cleanliness, germ-free, non-bacterial, and dust-free, fresh air filling systems will increase the air pressure in the room positively to push the air pollution out and prevent them flowing back inside.


Product Specifications


  1. Various sizes of Smileo2 Fresh Air Machine to support from small rooms e.g. bedrooms to large factories.
    • Installed outside the building
    • 52 Watt power in small models, many sizes of power in large models depending on area and design.
    • Air volume 50 - 70 CFM (can release up to 70 CFM) for small models, and air volume 150 - 8,000 CFM for large models (depending on usable area and design)
  2. 6-stage Air Filter Set
    • Dust grate
    • Pre Filter for visible dust filtration
    • Medium Filter for medium dust trap with high efficiency
    • High Quality Extrude Type Activated Carbon Filter to prevent unwanted odor and gas
    • HEPA Filter H14, fine filter for dust trapping up to 99.999% 0.3-micron, such as dust, bacteria, or viruses that cause allergies, flu, or other diseases.
    • Ultraviolet light bulb can disinfect, viruses that cause respiratory diseases
  3. The Air Supply Panel is installed inside the room to add fresh air through 6-step air filtration.
  4. Remote control sends signals up to 25 meters.



*The machine is for 5-year warranty for less than 70 CFM versions, and 3-year warranty for more than 70 CFM versions, except devices that must be changed according to useful life.




Changing the air filters:


    • Step 1: To change the air filter, open the front cover.
    • Step 2: Pull the bolt down to unlock and pull the air filter panel down.
    • Changing the air filter are as follows,
      1. Wash the 1st layer of grate every 3 months,
      2. Change the 2nd layer of Pre Filter* every 3 months,
      3. Change the 3rd layer of Medium Filter every 1 year,
      4. Change the 4th layer of Carbon Filter every 1 year (do not wash),
      5. Change the 5th HEPA Filter every 2 years (do not wash),
      6. Change the 6 layer of UVC tube every 1 year.

Note *4 Pre Filters are provided by SmileO2 Fresh Air filling Machine.



    1. Before changing the air filter, machine must be turned off.
    2. Follow the processes every time
    3. Filter Used Filter should not be cleaned and recycled.


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